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INDUSTRIAL AND TRADING GROUP OF COMPANIES SIBIZOL is one of the leading operators in the insulation materials market since 1992.


The main activities of the Company are

► the professional complete set and delivery of a wide range of insulation materials for the sectors of national economy,

► manufacturing of electrical components from laminated plastics,

► manufacturing of chemically and acid-resistant Rutepol® polymers.




The Management Company of the Industrial and Trading Group of SIBIZOL - Sibizolstroy Co., Ltd. is located in the Soviet district of Novosibirsk, the largest transportation hub beyond the Urals. It lies at the crossroads of major highways, railway and air lines of the country, allowing the warehouse complex and transport-expediting section to make a complete set and on-time delivery of orders in the shortest possible time. While neighborhood with the Novosibirsk Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences represented by research institutes, organizations and institutions, as well as the Academpark (Technopark of Novosibirsk Academgorodok) assures the close collaboration with them for development of innovative technologies and materials.




Branches and production complexes are located in the large industrial cities of Russia and Kazakhstan. Expanding the scope of activities, the Company has mastered the production of high-precision housing, plane and cylindrical electric parts. An innovative project for the creation of new chemically resistant polymers resulting in the development of production technology and launch of chemically and acid-resistant Rutepol® polymer articles is the new direction of the company’s operations.


Over the years the company has gained a solid reputation of a reliable partner due to the professional knowledge of the market, focus on the full satisfaction of various customers. Consumers are provided with:

- a wide range of products in stock, packaging of specialized requests;

- constant quality control, availability of factory certificates;

- reliable business terms and conditions, flexible pricing policy;

- services for the adoption of highly economical materials of a new generation;

- minimization of transport costs and delivery time.


The guarantee of reliability in fulfilling obligations is the successful long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign partners. On a long-term contractual basis, we provide insulation materials to the largest plants of oil and gas, metallurgical, machine-building, and energy industries.


SIBIZOL® brand is an officially registered trademark of the Company for more than ten years.


The enterprises and branches


Sibizolstroy, Co., Ltd.
Director: Ph.D. Gasan Guseynov

35, build 1, Zolotodolinskaya Str., Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia, p.o. box 296
Tel/fax: +7(383) 330-23-50, 330-06-71 
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5/32, Zeleonaja Roscha, Berdsk, Russia


Sibizol Factory 
Director: Ph.D. Gasan Guseynov

35, build 1, Zolotodolinskaya Str., Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia, p.o. box 315 
Tel/fax: +7(383) 330-49-69 
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Sibelectrodetal Osten Factory
Director: Marat Musin

5/32, Zeleonaja Roscha, Berdsk, Russia 
Tel: +7(38341) 444-74
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Trade Office Sibizol in Moscow

Business center "Moscow-City", Tower on the embankment
Tel/fax: +7(495) 220-74-11
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Tel: +7(4232) 45-48-61, 70-95-51
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Partners and suppliers

JSC" Bobrovsky insulating factory"
The factory based in 1942 on the basis of the timber-chemical enterprise, is one of the largest in Russia among manufacturers insulating materials and products

" Holding company " Elinar " Co., Ltd.
The versatile holding, one of leading which directions, is manufacture insulating materials

"IZOLIT" (Kazakhstan)Co., Ltd.
"IZOLIT" - the enterprise more than with semicentenial experience of manufacture insulating materials on the basis of micas, silk, nylon fabrics and mica papers ".
Beijing New Friend Insulation Material Co
The company specializes in the field of high technologies, engaged in development, introduction and selling of materials of electro technical purpose. Basic production: insulating materials, pitches, press materials, auto chemical goods. The control system of quality of manufacture is certificated on conformity to requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2000

JSC" Electroizolit"
One of leading enterprises of the branch, specializing on release insulating materials for needs electrical engineers, power, electronics, a radio engineering.
JSC a factory "Moldavizolit"
JSC a factory "Moldavizolit" - one of the largest in the East Europe and the CIS manufacturers foil-clad dielectrics for printed-circuit-boards, and also layered materials of electro technical purpose on the basis of fiber glass fabric, a cotton fabric and a paper.

"Novgorod factory of fiber glass " Co., Ltd.
"Novgorod factory of fiber glass "Co., Ltd. have been based in 1963, and now is one of the leading chemical enterprises of Russia making fibreglasses, fiber glass fabrics and other kinds thermal protection.

" Lentex "Co., Ltd.
" Lentex "Co., Ltd. is based in 1954. Let out production: the Tube insulating tlv-tlm on the basis of х a cord with impregnation by an oil varnish. A cord-stocking cotton. A cord a stocking п/radio. Tapes technical from х and polyester strings.

" Ivanovo textile-notions factory "Co., Ltd.
Let out production: the herringbone tape, the taffeta tape, the calico tape, Tapes finishing, Tapes technical х, Cord-stocking cotton/polyethylene, etc.

" RTE Silikoni " Co., Ltd.
Society with limited liability "RTE Silikoni" - one of the lead enterprise of Russia in the field of rubber-technical products.

"Kirovo-Chipetsk chemical combine " Co., Ltd.
"Kirovo-Chipetsk chemical combine " Co., Ltd lets out chemical combine: Teflon, suspensions. fluoroelastomer, latex, Monomeasures, perforated the connections, the Fluorinated gases, greasings, liquids chlorine-containing of connection Products of inorganic chemistry, the Acid, Salt, Mineral fertilizers, Products from Teflon.

"Halogen " Co., Ltd.
"Halogen "Co., Ltd. it has been based in 1942. For more than 60-years period of work the small factory has turned to one of the largest chemical enterprises of Russia with a wide experience on output of high quality.

"Kaprolit " Co., Ltd.
Let out production - any products from капролона.

"Saransky a factory "Rezinotehnika" Co., Ltd.
"Saransky a factory "Rezinotehnika" Co., Ltd. - one of the largest manufacturers mechanical rubber products in Russia. The basic kinds of let out production: shaped products, extrusion structures, sleeves, belts, glue of various purpose, transporter tapes, confection the stuck together products.


Social programs











The Company leaders and staff are holding common modern point of you that the best business development must support the social and economic development of the society. Besides that, the Companies leaders feel the responsibility not only about company customers and staff. Due to them there was created children sport club, and football veterans team of Academgorodok.

SIBIZOL takes an active participation in the city life, makes the wholesome contribution Siberian Folk Ansambl "KrAsota", Masljanino Childrens Home, social organization of a large families, Administration of child welfare institutions, and students of Novosibirsk State University.

For business development in region and active participation in realisation of the social programs directed on growth of level of social and economic state, the leading company of SIBIZOL is awarded by a name , and the head of the company became the winner of Inter-regional competition , regularly spent by Administration of Region with the assistance of Commercial and industrial Chamber of area, other public and commercial structures.



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